Françoise Millet-Leroux

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Françoise Millet-Leroux

Françoise Millet-Leroux is 74 years old and has lived as a Swiss expat in Romilly-sur-Seine in France for many years. She is the president of the Union of Swiss Associations in France and has been a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad for more than 10 years.

When I joined the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad more than 10 years ago by becoming a delegate of the Council of the Swiss Abroad, I did so to support the OSA in its endeavour to maintain and support its representation of Swiss nationals living abroad and their rights as full Swiss citizens. It is our task as Swiss nationals living abroad to support our organisation so that it is able to build up and continue the work that it started more than 100 years ago in our name. Give something back – a sign of gratefulness.
Françoise Millet-Leroux Member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad