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Joyful impressions from the youth camps in summer 2022

Updated on 12 August 2022

With its various summer and winter camps, SwissCommunity, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, enables young Swiss Abroad to get to know their country of origin better. After an interruption of two years, the beloved camps finally take place again. In the third summer camp, the young people discover Swiss culture in various cities, learn to hornussen and visit the 98th Congress of the Swiss Abroad in Lugano.

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Swiss Challenge, 6 - 21 August 2022, Switzerland

In the third summer camp, twenty-four young Swiss Abroad discover different Swiss cities and learn what it means to be in a country where four languages meet. They also get to know Swiss culture: On Wednesday, the young people were able to try their hand at the Swiss national sport, hornussen, in Bern.

On the last weekend of the camp, they will attend the 98th Congress of the Swiss Abroad in Lugano, which will focus on the challenges of democracy and feature a number of interesting speakers.

Sports, leisure & languages, 23 July - 5 August 2022, Jaun (FR)

In the second summer camp, the young people get to know Switzerland starting from Jaun in Fribourg. Of course the programme includes excursions to the countryside with a spectacular view as a reward. At this camp, the young Swiss Abroad also get to know and use the national languages more closely - for example when discovering traditional milk containers or visiting the local shop. In between, the young people loosen up with a bit of sport.

In Jaun, the young people also get to know Swiss traditions and culture better. In addition to visiting a church, the camp participants explore the old, beautiful chalets and the art of woodcarving.

A bit of adventure was not to be missed: On fun hikes, the young discover hidden cultural treasures and the diversity of nature, including animal encounters.

Sport and leisure, 9 - 22 July 2022, Fieschertal (VS)

The first summer camp in 2022 took over 40 young people to Fieschertal in the Valais. On a first hike, the young Swiss Abroad were able to get to know each other, enjoy the view and even walk on a suspension bridge. They also actively tried various sports and played fun games. 

The International Food Day is a traditional block in the camp. All participants bring something to eat from home and then taste each other's food. This year there was even live telephone support from a mother in Chile during the preparation - sometimes it just has to be done by the experts! The young people presented their local specialities with great joy and commitment and went on a taste tour around the world.

Another tour took the young Swiss Abroad to the breathtaking Aletsch Glacier. They were impressed by the landscape, the nature and the fauna in the surroundings. The unfamiliar high altitude air was also well felt by some.

A night outdoors offered a bit of cooling: the young people could spend the night outside if they liked, in a tent or under the night sky, which is almost a bit closer in the Fieschertal valley. But first the tricky tent had to be set up.