You are the face of the SwissCommunity

The top picture on our homepage changes regularly and shows Swiss Abroad like you! Join in and send us your photo!

The photo should show you alone or with other people in your country – in your garden, in your home community, in the nearest town, at a sight or at a particularly beautiful place. Please keep these two points in mind:

Send the photo in original size to, together with your first name(s) and country of residence. By sending us your photo, you grant us the right to use it free of charge for publication on our website and social media channels. For group photos, please make sure that everyone agrees.

Information about the photos:

The photo on our homepage is in landscape format and twice as wide as it is high. A quarter of it at the bottom left is not visible in the desktop version. Please take this into account when taking the photo. Unfortunately, we cannot use photos in which you or your passport are covered. Otherwise, you do not have to take anything into account. It is also not necessary to crop the photo.


The photos we receive will be uploaded in random order and will probably be changed every one to two weeks. We will inform you as soon as it is your photo's turn.

We reserve the right not to publish photos if they do not meet the requirements or if we consider them offensive or otherwise inappropriate for our website.