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COVID-19 Vaccination

11 January 2021, updated 12 May 2021

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad provides the following important information and further links on the Covid-19 vaccination for the Swiss Abroad.  

The content covers the situation as of 12 May 2021. 


Under what conditions can Swiss Abroad be vaccinated in Switzerland and what is the vaccination strategy of the Swiss Confederation?

The corona situation continues to change constantly. For this reason, the Federal Council is continuously monitoring developments and adapting its measures to the current situation.

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad is in close exchange with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and is committed to addressing the concerns of the Swiss Abroad.

Vaccination for the Swiss abroad

The Swiss Abroad must comply with the vaccination requirements of their country of residence.

For logistical reasons, it is not possible for the Confederation to dispatch the vaccines that will be administered in Switzerland to its foreign offices (embassies, consulates). Therefore, no vaccine deliveries are planned by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). Swiss nationals insured under the Swiss compulsory health insurance (basic insurance) with a Swiss insurance provider can be vaccinated in Switzerland. Please contact your health insurance provider and/or your Swiss doctor. Swiss nationals abroad not covered by a Swiss health insurance policy should contact their health insurance provider to find out about the vaccination policy in their country of residence to get vaccinated there.

Further information:

Vaccination strategy of the Confederation

The Confederation announced its vaccination strategy at the end of 2020 and some cantons have already started vaccinating persons at special risk in December 2020. As soon as the persons from the special target groups are vaccinated, the vaccination will also be offered to the other adult persons in Switzerland. There is no compulsory vaccination. The coordination of when and where the resident population of Switzerland can be vaccinated is the responsibility of the cantons. You will find further information on the respective canton websites.

General information about the Corona vaccination, which answers questions such as "Why vaccinate?", "How does the vaccination work?" and "What are the possible side effects?" can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.