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Swiss Abroad parliamentary group

The parliamentary group was founded in 2004 with the aim of creating increased awareness of questions regarding the international mobility of Swiss citizens and to better represent the political concerns of the “Fifth Switzerland”.

The Swiss Abroad parliamentary group currently comprises some 80 parliamentarians from the National Council and the Council of States who are particularly interested in issues affecting the “Fifth Switzerland” and in defending the interests of the Swiss Abroad at the political level during the current legislature.

The group's members meet at the beginning of every parliamentary session and discuss the political initiatives on the agenda that affect the “Fifth Switzerland”.

The parliamentary group is headed by three co-presidents. They are supported by the group’s office to determine the priority topics and who has the lead. The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad acts as a secretariat to the Swiss Abroad parliamentary group. The director, Ariane Rustichelli, is also the secretary of the Swiss Abroad parliamentary group. Contact:, Phone: +41 31 356 61 00.




The members of the Swiss Abroad parliamentary group are listed here.