2nd Pillar outside the EU/EFTA

When permanently leaving Switzerland for a country outside the EU/EFTA area, you have the option of having all or part of your 2nd pillar capital paid out.

We recommend that you seek information from your occupational benefit scheme at the earliest opportunity regarding the conditions that apply.

Your pension fund may refuse to pay out the capital available in the 2nd pillar if at the time of application you have already reached the age at which your pension fund provides for the possibility of early retirement. In that case you will receive a 2nd pillar pension. If the 2nd pillar capital is withdrawn, we recommend taking out an insurance policy to cover disability and death.

Voluntary accession to the 2nd pillar

As a Swiss citizen living abroad, you have the option of voluntarily taking out insurance with the occupational pension plan from abroad under certain circumstances. To do so, you must live outside an EU/EFTA Member State or your employer must have its company headquarters outside the EU/EFTA and not have any business premises in Switzerland. In this case, you can either continue your insurance with your former employer’s pension fund, provided their articles of association allow it, or take out the appropriate insurance cover with the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution (BVG).

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