Swiss by simplified naturalisation

Until 1 January 2006, a child born with foreign nationality whose Swiss father was not married to the mother did not automatically become Swiss – even if the father acknowledged paternity.

However, a child born to a Swiss father before 1 January 2006 can submit an application for simplified naturalisation. This is on condition that the child has been recognised by the father and has close ties with Switzerland.

Successful integration

The prerequisite for a simplified naturalisation is successful integration according to Art. 12 para. 1 and para. 2 of the Swiss Citizenship Act (SCA).

The following requirements have to be met:

Appropriate account will be taken of the situation of applicants who on the grounds of disability, illness or difficult personal circumstances are unable to fulfil these integration requirements, or can fulfil them only in part. 

Close ties with Switzerland

The applicant is considered to have close ties with Switzerland when she/he:

Applications for simplified naturalisation must be sent to the responsible Swiss representation.