Rights & obligations

When planning your emigration, please take note of the following rights and obligations:


If you leave Switzerland on a permanent basis, you must deregister from your municipality of residence at the residents’ registration office. You will require this confirmation of deregistration later for various administrative tasks, in particular for completing customs formalities and for the toll-free import of the goods being moved to your new country of residence.

Registration with the Swiss representation

You are obligated to register with the relevant Swiss foreign representation (embassy or consulate) within the first 90 days after deregistering to travel abroad. This is free and will give you many advantages. After registering, you can continue to participate in elections and referendums in Switzerland (separate registration required) and receive the “Swiss Review” free of charge, which will inform you about what is happening in Switzerland.

Other obligations

Depending on your country of residence, there are many rules which must be observed. In countries outside the EU, a residence or work permit is often required. For these rights and obligations, please contact the local authority of your new state of domicile directly.

Legal basis: