Rights & obligations

Swiss citizens may return to Switzerland at any time.

Registration and deregistration

However, when returning to Switzerland, it is important that Swiss citizens register with the residents’ registration office of their new place of residence within 14 days and deregister again from their Swiss representation abroad.

Health insurance requirement

Once you are resident in Switzerland, the obligation to have a health insurance policy with a Swiss health insurance provider applies again. You have three months in which to register for basic insurance with a provider of your choice.

Important information about the health insurance requirement for return migrants

Under the Swiss Health Care Insurance Act, valid since 1 January 1996, basic insurance is compulsory for all persons resident in Switzerland. Return migrants must apply for health insurance from a provider of their choice within three months of taking up residence. This regulation allows you to take out basic insurance at any time and without disadvantage (regardless of age and unconditionally).

The range of services provided by compulsory health insurance in Switzerland is extensive and covers all essential needs.

A brief summary of the most important points can be found in the PDF brochure “A brief explanation of the compulsory health insurance” from the Federal Office for Public Health FOPH.

You can also compare the premiums of various insurers online. The FOPH has set up its own premiums comparison web portal for this purpose.

Special case: EU/EFTA and Swiss citizens with a pension from an EU/EFTA state are subject to the health insurance system of the country in which the pension originated, according to the “country of employment” principle – with possible option rights.

OASI/DI requirement

After returning to Switzerland, you are generally required to pay OASI/DI contributions again. You can find more information on the OASI/DI page.

Military service

Persons of an age where they are liable for military service must register with the responsible section head of the army within 14 days of their return. You can find more information on the Military Service page.

Unemployment insurance entitlement

The point at which you become entitled to payments depends on whether you are returning from an EU/EFTA country or from a third country. You can find more information on the Looking for work in Switzerland page.

Social welfare entitlement

Once you have returned to Switzerland, you can contact the social welfare office for your place of residence directly. You can find more information on the Financial support page.

Information from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA):