Swiss OASI (old-age and survivors’ insurance) insures not only employed persons. It covers the entire population.

Life certificates: Facilitated process

All insured persons who drew an OASI/DI benefit have had to submit a life certificate to the Swiss Compensation Office (SCO) at regular intervals in order to ensure their pension is paid without interruption. Since 1 January 2022, this is no longer necessary in most cases (apart from a few exceptional cases). Learn more

According to the law, insurance is compulsory for anyone who lives or works in Switzerland, therefore unemployed persons are also insured. Anyone who is insured under the OASI is at the same time also insured under the DI (disability Insurance) and the EO (income replacement scheme for service personnel and maternity leave).

Compulsory OASI is therefore tied to residence in Switzerland. As soon as you emigrate to an EU/EFTA member state you are subject (with a few exceptions) to the social insurance system in your country of residence. If you emigrate to a third country outside the EU/EFTA, you have the option of taking out voluntary OASI/DI insurance.

More information about the differences and submitting a pension request can be found on the pages below:

Exceptions to the compulsory OASI/DI with residence abroad

There are some exceptions in which continued insurance under the compulsory OASI/DI scheme is possible if you reside abroad.

These exceptions cover:

Employees of a Swiss employer

Persons working for a Swiss employer in an EU or EFTA member state or as posted employees in a third country and who are paid by this employer may continue to be insured under the OASI/DI/EO and unemployment insurance schemes under certain circumstances.

More information can be found in the “Leaving Switzerland and moving to an EU/EFTA Member State” brochure on page 17.

Unemployed students under the age of 30

Unemployed students who leave their residence in Switzerland to pursue education abroad can continue to be insured under certain circumstances, specifically until 31 December of the year in which they turn 30 at the latest.

The insurance continues without interruption if the request is submitted within six months of the start of education abroad. The insurance cannot be continued beyond the end of this period.

More information can be found in the “Leaving Switzerland and moving to an EU/EFTA Member State” brochure on page 18.

Unemployed spouses of people with compulsory insurance in Switzerland

Unemployed persons abroad whose spouse holds compulsory Swiss OASI/DI can be added to the insurance. Unemployed persons with their residence abroad whose spouses are cross-border commuters working in Switzerland cannot be added.

More information can be found in the “Employees abroad and their relatives” brochure.

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