2nd Pillar

In Switzerland, the occupational benefit plan (2nd pillar) is compulsory for employees and voluntary for self-employed people.

In general, while abroad, you are affiliated to the social insurance regime in your country of residence, which inherently excludes a continuing occupational benefit plan in Switzerland. Voluntary insurance is only possible under certain circumstances.

In Switzerland, when a working relationship comes to an end, your acquired, saved pension protection is transferred to the pension fund of your new employer in the form of vested benefits. As a Swiss citizen living abroad, you have the option, in principle, of depositing your vested pension benefits in a bank or insurance scheme or in the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution (BVG) either by means of savings deposits or a vested benefits policy.

In the 2nd pillar, there are differences depending on place of residence. These are explained in more detail on the following pages:

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