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Donations & support

For us to continue being able to provide free advice as well as reasonably-priced Congresses of the Swiss Abroad and offers for young people in future, we are dependent on donations and support.

Would you like to support the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, SwissCommunity, and its projects financially or otherwise? Then you’re in the right place.

Partnerships and donations

We offer companies and organisations long-term partnerships and various advertising options on our website.

We are grateful for any donations from private individuals, either for our activities in general or for a specific project, e.g. the youth camps. You can also make us a donation as part of a bequest or inheritance.

Your point of contact

Florian Baccaunaud

Florian Baccaunaud

Collaborator Sponsoring & Partnerships, Communications & Marketing
+41 31 356 61 26