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Elecciones y votación


Federal referenda

Voting proposals are determined by the Federal Council at least four months before the voting date. The following proposa wil be put on the vote on 24th September 2017:

  • Federal Decree of 14 March 2017 on Food Security (direct counter-proposal to the popular initiative “For food security”, which has now been withdrawn) (BBl 2017 2383);
  • Federal Decree of 17 March 2017 on Additional Funding for OASI (Old-Age and Survivors Insurance) by increasing Value Added Tax (BBl 2017 2381);
  • Federal Act of 17 March 2017 on the Reform of Retirement Provision 2020 (BBl 2017 2393).

Further voting date 2017: 26th November

All information on the proposals (voting pamphlets, committees, recommendations of Parliament and the Federal Council, electronic voting, etc.) can be found at

Popular initiatives

The following new federal popular initiatives had been launched at the time of going to press (deadline for the collection of signatures in brackets):

  • “For clean drinking water and healthy food – No subsidies for pesticides and the prophylactic use of antibiotics” (21.09.2018)
  • “For a ban on financing war material manufacturers” (11.10.2018)
  • “Close down the nuclear power station – take responsibility for the environment” (16.11.2018)
  • “Jobs for Swiss residents first” (13.12.2018)

The list of pending popular initiatives can be found at > under Aktuell > Wahlen und Abstimmungen > Hängige Volksinitiativen.