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Grüessech, bonjour, allegra, benvenuto! There are many ways to greet people in Switzerland. This is a reflection of our country’s linguistic diversity. Nevertheless, we must remember that countries don’t speak – people speak. In a single language, or even in several. What is important in a multilingual country is whether multilingual people engage with each other – or if respective language communities keep to themselves.

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Swiss multilingualism is changing

Young Swiss in particular have adopted English as the de facto fifth national language, alongside German, French, Italian and Romansh. But what is just as noticeable is that the number of people who use two, three, four or more languages on an everyday basis is increasing.

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The music festival that never was

Featuring 300 Swiss music acts, the Ghost Festival was a curious event that was never meant to happen – and never did happen. Tens of thousands of music lovers bought tickets anyway. Ultimately, the festival was an exercise in pure imagination.

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Alan Roura – a child of the sea

For us in landlocked Switzerland, the open seas make us think of far-flung holiday destinations. Not so for Swiss Alan Roura. Ocean life means everything to the young single-handed yachtsman who has already sailed twice around the world in the Vendée Globe race.

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European court calls out Geneva

People who beg in the streets are trying to meet their basic human needs, and fining them only exacerbates their situation, says the European Court of Human Rights – thus putting an end to Geneva’s hard-line policy on beggars. The ruling has international implications.

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To speak or not to speak?

Scientists who advise the Federal Council on Covid-19 should be banned from making their personal opinions public, say some members of the National Council. The experts have not been silenced, but debate continues on the extent to which science should mix with politics.

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