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Meeting of the Council of the Swiss Abroad: A clear commitment to Swiss neutrality

Last update on 5 November 2022

At its online meeting on 5 November 2022, the Council of the Swiss Abroad spoke out clearly in favour of a responsible approach to Swiss neutrality - and made neutrality policy demands to the Federal Council. In addition, the "Parliament of the Fifth Switzerland" adopted a draft for a seven-point election manifesto for 2023 addressed to the political parties and actors.

Learn more in German or French and read the press release of 5 November 2022 in German or French.

And read more in the article of "Swiss Abroad make seven political demands".


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How does the Council of the Swiss Abroad work on behalf of Swiss people abroad?

The Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) represents the interests of Swiss citizens abroad vis-à-vis the authorities and the public in Switzerland.

Council of the Swiss Abroad members all over the world fight for the rights of the “Fifth Switzerland”. The CSA is thus often referred to as its mouthpiece or even as the “Parliament of the “Fifth Switzerland”” as it irepresents the Swiss Abroad all around the world.

The CSA comprises 140 members (120 members abroad and 20 at home). The seat allocation corresponds to the number of Swiss Abroad in the respective country.

The Council of the Swiss Abroad meets twice per year. At their meetings, the delegates discuss Swiss Abroad policy questions as well as current political topics concerning the Swiss Abroad. They make decisions and determine opinions and resolutions which are then submitted to the competent authorities.

The achievements of the Council of the Swiss Abroad

The Council of the Swiss Abroad can look back on numerous achievements. These include: