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Spain, Andorra & Portugal

Here you will find the latest articles from the regional issue for Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

In den Ausgaben 4 und 6 erscheinen keine Regionalausgaben.

Ältere Regionalausgaben sind bald weiter unten im Archiv zu finden.

Contact the regional editorial team

“Swiss Review” editorial team
Region Spain/Portugal/Andorra
Daniel Izquierdo-Hänni
46017 Valencia


Schedule for the regional issue

issue Insertion closing date Online edition publication date Print edition publication date
Februar 19.12.2020 08.02.2021 11.02.2021
April 23.02.2021 12.04.2021 20.04.2021
Juni 17.04.2021 07.06.2021 11.06.2021
August OHNE REGIONALAUSGABE 09.08.2021 11.08.2021
Oktober 14.08.2021 04.10.2021 08.10.2021
Dezember OHNE REGIONALAUSGABE 13.12.2021 15.12.2021

Rates for advertising in the regional issue

Format Size Price in EUROS
1/1 page, colour 194 x 269 mm 900.00
1/2 page, colour 194 x 132 mm 420.00
1/4 page, colour 194 x 63.5 mm 240.00
1/8 page, colour 194 x 29.25 mm 180.00


With four campaigns in a calendar year, we give you a repeat discount of 10% on the 1/1 page and 1/2 page advertisement sizes.


Catchment area

This regional issue is distributed to all Swiss households in the following countries: Spain (incl. Canary Islands & Balearic Islands), Portugal, Principality of Andorra



Spain/Portugal/Andorra: 19,100 copies per issue (of which 7,400 copies are the print version)