What do I do if I have a question or a problem?

First read this section and if you cannot find the answer use the contact form.



Signing up and Logging in

My registration process at was interrupted, what do I do?

Please contact us.

I submitted my registration to 72 hours ago but have still not received confirmation.

Confirmation of your registration can take up to five working days. If after that time you have still not received confirmation, please contact us. Make sure that the confirmation email was not accidentally filtered into your junk mail folder. If necessary, add the address to your safe sender list.

My password was not accepted, what do I do?

Make sure that your chosen password is at least six characters long and contains at least one number and one letter. Special characters, such as periods, hyphens, etc., are not allowed.

I forgot my password. My password was not recognized.

On the home page, click the “Help, I forgot my password!” button. Then, on the next page, enter your email address and click the “Submit request” button. You will soon receive an email to the address you entered. Click the link in this email to set a new password.

Why do I have to log in to every time I click on the link in an email?

You must always log in to with your email address and password on your first visit after turning on your device, regardless of whether you get to the platform directly in your browser or via a link in an email. Once you have open, the link from the email will take you directly to the appropriate landing page. These settings are part of the security to which we attach great importance.

Can I stay a member of after I return to Switzerland?

Of course you can stay a member of after you return to Switzerland! is designed for former, current and future Swiss nationals living abroad, as well as for all those compatriots who are interested in Switzerland’s international standing.

With this platform, you can stay in touch with your host country after your return to Switzerland. Plus, questions about returning to Switzerland are appearing more and more in our “Discussion Forum”, and who better to answer those questions than those who have already made the transition back!


Edit profile

Where can I change or complete my profile information?

Do you have a new address? Is your profile information out of date? To update your contact information, go to the “My Profile” section and select the area in which you wish to make changes on the left side. Do not forget to save your changes. 

How do I change the email address or password associated with my profile?

To change your email address or password, go to the “My Profile” section and click “My User Account” on the left side. Do not forget to save your changes. 

How do I expand my profile?

You can enhance your profile by adding additional information and photos. To do this, go to the “My Profile” section and select the desired area under “About Me” on the left side. Do not forget to save your changes. 


Why should I add a photo to my profile?

Because a picture is worth a thousand words. Profiles with photos are more trustworthy than those without. They are clicked on more often and the respective members contacted more frequently.

I am a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA), how can I indicate this in my profile?

This can only be done by employees of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, which runs If you are a member of the CSA, please contact us and we will add the appropriate information to your profile.

I receive too many notification emails, what can I do?

You can limit the number of messages that you receive at your email address. To do this, go to the “My Profile” section and click “Settings” on the left side. Under “Notifications”, you can select or deselect the messages you want to receive. Do not forget to save your changes.

I no longer want to receive notifications of new members from my country.

You no longer want notifications of new members in your country sent to your email address? You can do so by disabling the following setting: go to the “My Profile” section and click “Settings” on the left side. Under “Notifications” you can disable this service by deselecting “when there is a new community member from my country”. Do not forget to save your changes.

How can I delete my profile on

To delete your profile on, login on the home page and go to the “My Profile” section. From there, click “My user Account” on the left side and then the “Delete my user account” button. Your profile and all data associated with it will be permanently deleted.



Why do I have to provide personal data when registering for places great emphasis on a transparent, quality platform. Nevertheless, some of the information (e.g., precise home address) is used solely for statistical purposes and will not be displayed in your profile. Of course, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, which runs, adheres to Swiss data protection legislation in protecting member and user data.

Can posts published on be found elsewhere on the Internet?

No, the “My Network” section is a closed area. All posts published within the member area (“My Network” section) cannot be found under any circumstances elsewhere on the Internet or by using a search engine like Google, Yahoo etc.


Content sharing

How do I publish photos on

You can upload images you want to share with other members within the member area, either in your expanded profile or in the “Photos” section. Please note that images you add to your expanded profile must have a minimum width of 524 pixels and those in the “Photos” section at least 640 pixels.

How can I delete my uploaded files?

To remove your uploaded files, go to the “My Profile” section and select the area under “My Contributions” in which you wish to make changes. Do not forget to save your changes.

How do I edit or delete my posts on

To edit or delete your posts in the “Pinboard” and “Events” sections, go to the “My Profile” section and select the area under “My Contributions” in which you wish to make changes. Do not forget to save your changes.

How can I follow a discussion?

Never want to miss a relevant discussion post? You can subscribe to discussions you want to actively follow. When you do this, you will receive an email notification when someone posts to a discussion you have subscribed to. To subscribe to a discussion, open it and click the “Subscribe to discussion” button, which is located below the first post.

Why are some events published more than once?

Events appearing in the events calendar multiple times were mistakenly entered by a member more than once. If you find duplicate entries, let us know, and we will be sure to remove them.

I would like to get more involved with

We are always looking for moderators. Please contact us; we will give you more information.


Report abuse

How do I report abuse?

In the discussion forum you can report abuse by clicking the appropriate button, which is located at the bottom right of each contribution. You can also report abuses directly via email to You also have the option of blocking members in the “Mailbox” section. When you do this, the team is automatically notified and will review the activities of the blocked person.

Help, I received “spam”! is a closed platform and will never generate spam. Moreover, to keep the network as transparent and “clean” as possible, each registration is personally reviewed by us. But every now and again, someone gains access to under false pretences. Please contact us immediately if you receive any “spam”. We will review the reported profile and delete it if necessary. Thank you for your help!



How do I find members from my region?

Once you select a country on the left side of the “Member Search” section, a drop-down menu appears where you can enter your region. An even more detailed search is possible using the "Search term" field.

How do I contact other members on

To contact a member of, move your mouse over his or her profile and click the envelope icon that appears. Or open the person’s profile and click the “Send XYZ a message” button.

It’s even easier if the member you want to contact is online. All you have to do is use the chat feature, which you can find at the bottom right of your screen. You can then communicate with other members in real time.

How can I find members of the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA) registered on

An overview of all CSA members registered on can be found in the “Member Search” section. Select “Member Council of the Swiss Abroad” in the “Function at OSA” field to the bottom left of the screen.

Why do contact icons not appear in my profile?

This is normal, the system omits the icons when you open your own profile. The icons are, however, visible to everyone else who views your profile.

How can I remove a contact from the list of my contacts?

To remove a contact from the list of your contacts, move your mouse over his or her profile and click the right-wing minus icon. The deletion occurs without notice.



How do I go offline in chat?

If you want to turn off the chat feature, you can do this either in the chat window, which is situated in the bottom right corner, by clicking the gear icon and changing your status, or in the “My Profile” section by deselecting “Show my online status in chat” under “Settings.” The other members will no longer be able to see and message you in the chat window.

How can I turn the sound on and off in chat?

A sound notifies you of new chat messages. To turn the sound on/off, click the gear icon in the chat window, which is situated in the bottom right corner, and press the corresponding function.

How can I block user?

To block another member in the chat, move the mouse over that person and click the lock icon that appears.

I want to turn chat off completely.

If you want to disable the chat window, go to the “My Profile” section and unselect “Chat enabled” under “Settings”. To restore the chat, reselect this option. You have also the possibility to simply turn off the chat feature in the chat window, see How do I go offline in chat?

Why is chat not visible on my iPad? is not yet supported on the iPad.


Swiss Societies on

Why is the list of Swiss societies incomplete?

Swiss societies are not automatically added to but must be registered by a society member in the “Swiss Societies abroad” section. Of course, we strive for a complete list and encourage all Swiss societies to register on! The platform gives societies direct access to Swiss expatriates all over the world and offers them a fantastic promotional tool.

How do I register a Swiss society at

To register a society at, go to the “Living abroad” section and click “Swiss Societies abroad”. Then, using the link at the bottom of the page, complete the appropriate registration form. The registration of your society at will be reviewed and activated on the platform within two months.

What is the yellow figure in the “Swiss Societies abroad” section?

By dragging the yellow figure onto the map, you can switch the map view to Google Street View.


Languages of

Why is not available in Italian?

We regret not being able to offer in this official language at present. This is due to the financial constraints the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, which runs, faces as a non-profit organisation. As soon as the necessary resources will be available, the website will be translated into Italian.


Publicity on

How can I advertise my product on

A “Member ads” section is available on for marketing your own, personal commercial activities. Please note that commercial activities are not permitted in any other categories. Companies can promote their goods and services in the "Special Offers" section.

Why are there ads on

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, which runs, is a non-profit organisation and largely funds itself. Without advertising and sponsorship partners, we could not fund


Electronic delivery of «Swiss Review»

I want to receive the “Swiss Review” electronically.

For electronic delivery of the “Swiss Review”, please visit the online desk for Swiss nationals residing abroad.


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