Parliamentary Group Swiss Abroad

The Parliamentary Group Swiss Abroad consists of 80 members of both chambers of the Federal Parliament commited to the needs of Swiss citizens living abroad.


The Parliamentary Group is led by three Co-Presidents. They are supported by the Group's office in order to define the most important topics as well as the current presidency.



Martina Bircher

National Council

Martina Bircher


Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter

National Council

Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter


Carlo Sommaruga

Council of States

Carlo Sommaruga


Newsletter Parlamentarische Gruppe Auslandschweizer

May 2018

(German) (French)



Office members

National Council Martina Bircher (SVP/AG, Co-President), National Council Roland Fischer (glp/LU), National Council Regula Rytz (GPS/BE), National Council Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (CVP/BL, Co-President), Council of States Carlo Sommaruga (SP/GE, Co-President), National Council Laurent Wehrli (FDP/VD), Ariane Rustichelli (Director of the OSA, Secretary).



Members of the Parliamentary Group Swiss Abroad

Complete list of members of the Parliamentary Group Swiss Abroad (PDF, in German/French only)

Please note: The list of members represents the status on 6 August 2020.





Members by canton

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