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Working Abroad

Publireportage by Soliswiss

Working abroad is always an exciting challenge, regardless of whether you are deployed by a Swiss employer, you would like to work in your new country of residence, set up your own company there or carry out a job assignment with an international organisation.

Would you like to work abroad? If you have any queries on the subject of "Working abroad" in general, we can support you in assessing your situation with respect to social security, explaining the various options from a Swiss perspective and, depending on your needs, also presenting you with some private options for improving your social security coverage.

We provide advice, whether you are an employer or employee, on topics including:

Home office abroad, deployment, continuation of the Swiss Old age and survivors’ insurance contributions, voluntary Old age and survivors’ insurance contributions, protection of both unemployed and employed family members, health insurance, daily sickness and accident benefits, disability and death benefits, private old-age provident schemes, liability, duty of care, as well as emergency services.

If you are planning to work with a multinational, you are already working there or would like to leave the organisation soon, it is advisable to analyse the effects on your own social security situation in order to evaluate if and when there is a need for any action.

In this regard, we recommend reading "Mapping Social Security", which can be downloaded from the Soliswiss website. This provides a number of examples and reflections on social security as it relates to working with multinational organisations.

Every situation is unique, depending on who your employer is and which is country you work in. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have: you can book your Soliswiss-appointment for a consultation online.