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New social security agreement between Switzerland and the United Kingdom

15 September 2021

With Brexit, many social security agreements became invalid and around 70,000 people were affected by an insurance gap. On 10 September 2021, Alain Berset signed a new agreement, whereby Swiss nationals in the UK will be reconnected to the health system.


Around 36,600 Swiss nationals live in the United Kingdom (UK), and around 42,000 British nationals are resident in Switzerland. After Brexit, the social security agreements lapsed and gaps emerged in the access to the social security systems of both countries.

On 10 September 2021, Alain Berset signed a new bilateral agreement in London (available in German or French). This new agreement again grants insured persons largely equal treatment and easier access to social security benefits.

This allows the Swiss Abroad to make use of the British health service, and the British in Switzerland have access to the Swiss health system. In addition, double insurance is avoided for people who come into contact with the systems of both countries. This also facilitates the temporary deployment of workers in both countries. The agreement will be in force as soon as it has been approved by the parliaments of both states.

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad welcomes the implementation of a solution for the Swiss Abroad and is pleased that new bilateral agreements will ensure the stability of relations.