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Switzerland and its neighbours

Some 440,450 Swiss live in the EU. They rely a great deal on Switzerland and the European Union having good relations. The new Swiss-EU framework agreement, which has been the subject of negotiations since 2013, plays a key role in this context. It is still unclear what the final outcome of the negotiations will be. This dossier contains the most important “Swiss Review” articles on the framework agreement to date as well as position papers published by the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad.

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Sources and links

Position in German and French of the Swiss Abroad on the limitation initiative (September 2020)

Statement in German and French by the Council of the Swiss Abroad rejecting the limitation initiative (July 2020)


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The electorate voted resoundingly in favour of stricter gun laws on 19 May. In doing so, it also showed its commitment to Switzerland remaining part…

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“Bilateral Agreements between Switzerland and the EU”, 2017 edition

Notes from Parliament Building