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Youth Seminar at the Congress of the Swiss Abroad


From August 15 to 17, 2014, the Congress of the Swiss Abroad will take place in Baden. This meeting will be the perfect opportunity for Swiss Abroad to learn about modern information technologies and social media. At the congress, the generation of digital natives will get its own platform and undoubtedly bring its input on this topic.

Two years ago, an article in the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” read: “Since time immemorial, older generations have observed young people’s activities with a critical eye. Generally everything was better in the past – or at least different, since everything one does not know generates a considerable portion of scepticism. Sometimes parents can even feel overtaken by the rapid technological development which, in recent years, has totally changed not only the professional world but the consumption of the media as a whole especially by the young generation.”

The seminar “Information Technologies and Social Media” will start on 10 August, in Baden, where the participants will meet their host families. From Monday to Thursday the OSA will give the young Swiss Abroad an introduction to the subject. The youngsters will assess and define their way of using the modern media, exchange views and information, work on their own media competence and publish reports on For this course, the OSA has put together an interesting panel of lecturers, speakers and workshop hosts. The social programme will provide diversion and entertainment.

At the Congress of the Swiss Abroad the group will present the outcome of its work while participating in the panel on “Youth and Online Media”. The discussion with the older generation will therefore be based on  specific examples.

Young Swiss from all over the world are welcome to join this informative and interesting course.

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