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Untouched nature

27.08.2014 – Barbara Engel

The experiment to leave nature to its own devices and observe its development began at the Swiss National Park 100 years ago. It was a political decision: On 27 March 1914, the National Council adopted the federal resolution “on the establishment of a Swiss National Park in the Lower Engadine”. The 100-year anniversary of the foundation of this unique outdoor laboratory in Switzerland has provided opportunity for celebration and review. What happens if human activities are completely excluded from a landscape? These events in the 170 km2 nature reserve are documented cartographically in the “Atlas of the Swiss National Park”. The 230-page publication is a lavishly filled treasure trove and not just of interest to map lovers and hikers.

“Atlas des Schweizerischen Nationalparks – Die ersten 100 Jahre”, (in German; also available in French); edited by Heinrich Haller, Antonia Eisenhut and Rudolf Haller; Verlag Haupt Bern, 2013; 247 pages, colour illustration throughout; CHF 69, EUR 59.