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Tips for job hunting in Switzerland

25.11.2020 – Legal Service

“I want to return to Switzerland and look for a job. Can you give me any tips or information?”

As a Swiss citizen, you can work in Switzerland without a permit. If you are intending to look for a job in Switzerland, remember that just sending a CV is normally not enough. Swiss employers expect a complete application. Besides a targeted cover letter and a CV including photo, your application should include job references as well as copies of degree certificates or other relevant qualifications. The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) has published brochures containing valuable tips on its internet platform. Here is the direct link to an overview of SECO publications and offers: There are no official rules governing the translation of documents such as degree and other certificates. If a certain document could be a very important factor in whether or not you get the job you want, it might be worth having the document translated into one of Switzerland’s national languages.

The Consular Directorate (CD) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) offers the Swiss Abroad a special service in relation to the job search itself, whereby it forwards job applications to cantonal employment offices for the attention of the regional employment centres in your preferred regions. Interested employers can then look at your application at their own leisure. Here is the direct link to the CD website for job seekers:

A selection of links to job search engines and job recruitment agencies is available on the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad website. Your local employment office will also be able to help you as soon as you are registered and domiciled in Switzerland.