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The “Swiss Review” of the future


Rapid and accessible anywhere – by email, online or on the tablet

Switch to the electronic version of Swiss Review”!

The online version of “Swiss Review” has been the standard delivery option for a number of years. This form of dispatch incurs few costs and helps achieve savings. However, it also offers further benefits:

  • More rapid access means more current information
  • Articles can easily be forwarded or shared by Facebook or Twitter
  • Interactivity enables direct exchange with readers
  • Savings can be made on paper and printing costs
  • Contribution to environmental protection

The electronic version of “Swiss Review” provides readers with access to all regional sections and the archive. We therefore encourage you to read “Swiss Review” online or as an app in future.

Have you had “Swiss Review” sent to your postal address in the past?

In future, would you prefer to have it delivered electronically and continue to receive six issues?

Register your request on the FDFA’s website

or at the Swiss representation responsible for you.

The address directory for embassies and consulates general can be found here: > Representations and travel advice.

It is also essential that you register changes to your postal or email address so that you can do not miss a copy of “Swiss Review”.

Have you already subscribed to the electronic version of “Swiss Review” or do you receive the printed version as requested? Then you do not need to do anything else.

The magazine’s website provides access to all electronic issues and further information:

“Swiss Review” is also available as an app: iPad and for Android tablets.

If you encounter problems with the delivery of “Swiss Review”, please contact your Swiss representation or the FDFA’s helpline: +41 (0)800 24-7-365, helpline@eda.admin.chand not the “Swiss Review” editorial team which has no access to your address and administrative data.