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  • Notes from the Federal Palace

The “Fifth Switzerland” continues to grow

22.07.2020 – FDFA

The number of Swiss living abroad increased again in 2019, accounting for a population of 770,900 by the end of the year – up by around 1.4 per cent. According to the statistics on the Swiss Abroad compiled by the Federal Statistical Office, most Swiss Abroad continue to live in Europe, namely 484,300 (or 63 per cent). The most popular European country of residence is France (199,800), followed by Germany (92,200), Italy (49,800), the UK (35,200) and Spain (24,200). However, the EU country with the highest Swiss expatriate growth rate in 2019 was Portugal (+11.6 per cent). Some 286,000 Swiss Abroad live outside Europe – in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean (24 per cent), in Asia (7 per cent), in Australia and Oceania (4 per cent), and in Africa (2 per cent).

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