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The diversity of the Swiss Abroad


Switzerland’s diverse population extends beyond the country’s borders. More than one tenth of Swiss were living abroad at the end of 2021, 75 per cent of whom are citizens of at least one other country. The proportion of Swiss Abroad with dual or multiple citizenship is particularly high in South America.

In 2021, 788,000 Swiss Abroad were registered with a responsible Swiss representation abroad – 1.5 per cent more than in the previous year. As far as the last two years are concerned, the Covid-19 pandemic seemed to have no significant impact on numbers in 2021, but the exceptional circumstances resulted in lower fluctuation in 2020.

Dual and multiple citizenship is common

Three quarters of Swiss Abroad, or 590,500 people, are citizens of one or more countries other than Switzerland. This proportion has remained the same since 2017.

Enlarged view of the statistics

The proportion of Swiss Abroad who are nationals of at least one other country is particularly high in the Americas (80 per cent) and in South America the proportion is as high as 87.3 per cent. Here, Argentina and Chile top the charts on 94.2 and 91.3 per cent respectively.

The majority of Swiss Abroad overall (68.3 per cent) were born abroad. Out of those with dual or multiple citizenship, 82.8 per cent were born abroad. Argentina and Chile also lead the way in this category, at 98.1 and 96.4 per cent respectively.

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