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Tensions run high over the Federal Council elections on 9 December


The complete re-election of the Federal Council promises to be exciting. The victorious SVP is demanding a second Federal Council seat.

This may happen if it puts forward moderate candidates. The election will be made easier if Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf decides not to stand for re-election. The Federal Councillor elected in 2007 is under tremendous pressure owing to the poor performance of her party, the BDP. If she stands again, the SP, Greens, CVP, BDP, GLP and EVP could attempt to defend her seat. This would be based on the argument that the centre is also entitled to a Federal Council seat. The SVP and FDP are however in favour of a “mathematical magic formula” according to which the three largest parties would each be awarded two seats on the Federal Council and the fourth-largest party one seat in government. That would mean two seats for the SVP, two for the FDP, two for the SP and one for the CVP.

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