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Tailored advice


Do you have any questions on the topic of education in Switzerland? If so, educationsuisse will help you find the right answers.

educationsuisse is an expert contact partner for young Swiss Abroad who are interested in studying in Switzerland. The staff provide general information on the different educational opportunities available, whether it is a degree at a Swiss university or a vocational training course. They also answer questions on admission criteria for university study, the required language skills, searching for an apprenticeship, accommodation, insurance and other topics. Nearly all of educationsuisse’s services are free of charge.

Personalised advice

The staff, who speak German, French, Italian, Spanish and English, will help you find the right answers and assist you with any special enquiries. Many questions can be answered by email or by phone. Personal consultations are possible at our office in Bern by prior appointment.

Vocational & study counselling

Targeted consultations are offered in collaboration with the official careers guidance centre BIZ Bern-Mittelland. During these consultations (in German, French, Italian, Spanish or English) with an expert on-site in Bern or via Skype, you can raise questions regarding your choice of career or study programme. These consultations are subject to a charge. Registration is via educationsuisse.


Any young Swiss Abroad whose parents are unable to cover all the costs of their education may apply for a grant. Young Swiss Abroad usually have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship for their initial qualification (up to and including a tertiary-level Master’s degree) in their canton of residence. Every canton has its own laws and regulations and thus also different conditions and deadlines. educationsuisse provides assistance with such matters and also looks after the documentation. Furthermore, educationsuisse is itself able to award small scholarships or loans in cases of hardship thanks to various funds and private foundations.

Information and contact

The Swiss educational system is illustrated and outlined in an easy-to-follow diagram on The website also contains a lot more information on the topic of education in Switzerland. Any interested parties who have additional questions are welcome to contact educationsuisse by email on or by phone on +41 31 356 61 04.

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