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“Switzerland is still a political oasis of sorts”


Globe-trotting 32-year-old Robert Woodrich was born and raised in Canada and now lives and runs a business in Thailand. But his Swiss ancestral roots still lead him to consider Switzerland as a third “home away from home”.

My job: In 2016 I landed an opportunity to work with an American public relations firm in the heart of Bangkok. This position allowed me to learn about the regional business landscape, network, and start to prepare longer-term plans. After about one year in Thailand, I made the transition to founding and running my own company.

My Thailand: There are many ways in which I enjoy a higher quality of life in Thailand compared to Canada. For example, I can afford to hire a maid who does my laundry. The food is absolutely brilliant, although not identical to that found in western Thai restaurants.

My Switzerland: My impression of Switzerland from abroad is probably rather romantic – my fondest memories are of long ago, whereas things have changed since then. However, in a time when European countries lurch from one crisis to the next, Switzerland still appears a political oasis of sorts.

My heart: I miss Switzerland because of what it represents for me – a time when my family and I were all together in one place. These days, we are scattered across three continents. On a more practical level, I would certainly appreciate some of Switzerland’s cleanliness, natural landscapes, and political stability.

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