• Notes from the Federal Palace

Statistics on the Swiss Abroad


More and more Swiss are living abroad. In 2014, the number of Swiss Abroad increased by 14,726 compared to the previous year to 746,885, which equates to a rise of around 2 %.

This is according to the latest statistics on the Swiss Abroad published by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). The statistics include all Swiss citizens registered with an embassy or consulate general abroad. They live in 200 countries and territories around the world.

The greatest effective increases last year were recorded in those countries which already have the largest Swiss communities abroad: France with 3,112 more persons, Germany with 2,045 more and the USA with a rise of 1,176. The subsequent positions in the ranking order are occupied by Israel (plus 1,045), the UK (plus 1,028), Australia (plus 577) and Thailand (plus 568). 

Six out of ten Swiss Abroad lived in the European Union in 2014, and three quarters of them in directly neighbouring countries. In France this amounted to 194,474 citizens, in Germany 84,671, in Italy 51,353 and in Austria 15,542.

The biggest communities of Swiss Abroad outside Europe are found in the USA with 78,696 persons holding the red passport, in Canada with 39,618, in Australia with 24,584 and in Israel with 17,958. At the bottom of the list of statistics are São Tomé and Principe, Kiribati and Turkmenistan, where Switzerland is represented with just one single person in each case.

Of the 583,150 Swiss Abroad of full legal age, 142,651 were registered on a Swiss electoral roll at the time of the referendum held on 30 November 2014. That is 24.5 % and signifies an increase of around 1.5 % compared to the National Council elections in 2011.