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Springboard for education


Switzerland has an excellent and diverse education system. It is also distinguished by great freedom of choice.

This means that people taking an apprenticeship can go on to study at a university of applied sciences thanks to the vocational baccalaureate, or at a traditional university by sitting additional entry qualifications. In 2015, over 220,000 young people in Switzerland were undertaking basic vocational training (apprenticeships) and just under 240,000 students were enrolled at traditional universities, universities of applied sciences or teacher training colleges.

Finding the right path is not always easy for young Swiss Abroad wishing to undertake education or training in their native country. A professional advisory meeting can help the decision-making process. Educationsuisse – in cooperation with the BIZ Bern-Mittelland careers advice and information centre – provides advisory consultations for choosing career paths and courses of study.

The issue of paying for education is also often raised. Applications can be made for cantonal grants in the case of low-income households. Responsibility lies with the home canton as far as young Swiss Abroad are concerned. Educationsuisse provides young people with support and advice when applying for cantonal grants. Educationsuisse can also provide small grants or loans itself thanks to various funds (Pro Patria, Gazzetta Svizzera, foundations).

Embarking upon education is not always easy for young people a long way from home. Educationsuisse – in cooperation with the OSA’s Youth Service – offers initial support through the Springboard project. Young people (aged 18 and over) have the opportunity to stay with a host family when starting their education to help them settle into Swiss life. If you have any questions about the Springboard project or any other Educationsuisse services, contact our employees by email or telephone or arrange a meeting in person (by appointment). Our employees speak German, French, English, Italian and Spanish.;, Tel: +41 31 356 61 04, educationsuisse – education in Switzerland, Alpenstrasse 26, 3006 Berne, Schweiz