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Results of the votes on 9 February


No to the “More affordable homes” popular initiative:

57.1 per cent of the Swiss electorate rejected a proposal by the Swiss tenants’ association to promote social housing in Switzerland. Enough is already being done to subsidise housing, according to the Federal Council and the centre-right parties. However, extra money will be injected into the National Operating Fund, from which housing cooperatives can get loans on favourable terms. See “Swiss Review” 6/2019 for more details.

Yes to a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation:

63.1 per cent of voters approved an amendment to the Swiss Criminal Code and the Swiss Military Criminal Code that extends the anti-racism provision to make homophobic abuse a criminal offence. Some conservative and Christian groups opposed the new law, calling it an attack on free speech. See “Swiss Review” 6/2019 for more details.