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Quiz app on politics and the elections

09.07.2015 – Barbara Engel

Those who enjoy improving their knowledge in a fun way will really enjoy the “politbox” app. Based on the notion that “politics covers everything and you are the expert”, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SRG SSR) has created an app which is of course free of charge and available for both android and iOS. Topics include sport, geography, languages, the environment, politics, restless youth, Europe and political scandals. Each topic can be played at four different levels. Under political scandals, one question at level one, for example, is the name of Switzerland’s first female Federal Councillor. You have to work your way up in each topic area as those with better knowledge cannot start immediately at level 4. In addition to the test of knowledge, questions are also asked about views on current issues. Those behind the app say this survey format enables opinion to be gauged amongst those interested and their concerns to be identified. The app is available in the four national languages and English.