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  • Notes from the Federal Palace



“The Swiss Confederation a brief guide 2015”

Current information on Swiss politics as well as on Switzerland’s administration and judicial system. It is one of the federal administration’s most widely circulated publications. How is Parliament made up? How long does it take for a law to enter into force? How many people are employed by the federal administration? What does the Federal Supreme Court decide upon? The answers to such questions are found in “The Swiss Confederation a brief guide 2015” brochure which is published annually. The 80-page publication is aimed at anyone interested in the Swiss political system. It is used by many secondary and vocational schools for the teaching of political studies.

The Federal Chancellery works closely with Parliamentary Services, the departments and the Federal Supreme Court on the production of the texts. Information graphics illustrate the textual content and photos show the federal administration’s employees performing their various roles. For the subject of the cover page photo, the Federal Chancellery did not choose the Federal Palace this year but instead the magnificent Tschingelsee lake in the Kiental valley in the Bernese Oberland – one of 283 wetland areas in Switzerland protected by federal government.

“The Swiss Confederation a brief guide 2015” is published in a print run of 292,000 copies in the four national languages as well as in English. The brochure can be ordered free of charge from the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics at

Pioneering spirit, passion and excellence

Switzerland is a world leader in polar research. Twelve articles illustrate the work of researchers from Switzerland at the North and South Poles – What role do the Arctic and Antarctic play for our planets, how sensitively do they react to human-generated global warming and what implications does this have for the future, including Switzerland’s? Find the answers to these questions in the FDFA’s new publication which can be ordered at: > Services and publications > Publications > All publications > Search term “polar research”.