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Politorbis is a review of Switzerland’s foreign policy published by the FDFA in German and French. The 58th edition entitled “Bei Not und Krise im Ausland” (Distress and Crisis Abroad) was produced by the Relations with the Swiss Abroad division at the FDFA’s Consular Directorate. It outlines the development of Switzerland’s consular protection and crisis management from the Luxor attack in 1997 to the present day. From issues faced by travellers to moving accounts of experiences from people involved in crisis management, this edition is a fascinating read with its wide-ranging topics.

Download the 58th edition here at

Printed versions can be ordered from: indicating the reference: “Ref. 58, 3/2014”

Switzerland and the EU

The new “Switzerland and the European Union” brochure is now available. It provides an overview of how the EU works as well as its origins and development. It also contains information on Switzerland’s relations with the EU, the bilateral agreements and the challenges facing Swiss policy on Europe over the coming years.

The brochure can be ordered free of charge in German, French, Italian and English (art. no. 201.335.D, 201.335.F, 201.335.I, 201.335.E) from FOBL, Federal Publication Sales, 3003 Berne, Switzerland. 

It is also available in electronic format on the website of the Directorate for European Affairs (DEA) or can be ordered there.