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  • Notes from the Federal Palace



Politorbis 62 and 63

There are two major anniversaries in 2016: firstly, the OSA celebrates its centenary. Secondly, it was 50 years ago that the Federal Government was given a constitutional mandate to strengthen ties both among the Swiss Abroad and to their home country. That’s reason enough for the FDFA to dedicate an entire publication to issues relating to the Swiss Abroad.

With the aid of long-term partnerships with private institutions, the Swiss Federal Government has gradually taken on the role it currently has, a role which was enshrined in the 2015 Swiss Abroad Act. The Federal Government’s activities are guided by two tried-and-tested basic principles that have always served emigrating Swiss citizens themselves as a leitmotif: personal responsibility and solidarity.

Politorbis number 62 and the associated online dossier number 63 consider the profile of the Swiss community abroad today from various perspectives, covering the entire range of the Federal Government’s activities for the benefit of the Swiss Abroad.

The publication can be downloaded free of charge at the following addresses: www.eda.­ Printed copies of number 62 can also be ordered by writing to