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  • Notes from the Federal Palace



The Federal Chancellery published the brochure “The Swiss Confederation 2014 – a brief guide” in March. It provides ­current information on Swiss politics, the administration and the judicial system. With 237,000 printed copies in five languages, it has one of the widest circulations of all the federal administration’s publications.

How is Parliament made up? Why can it take years for a law to enter into force? How many people are employed by the ­federal administration? What does the Federal Supreme Court decide upon? “The Swiss Confederation – a brief guide”, ­published by the Federal Chancellery every year, answers such questions. The 80-page publication is aimed at anyone interested in the Swiss system of government. Many secondary schools and vocational colleges use it in the teaching of political studies.

The Federal Chancellery works closely on the text with the Parliamentary Services, the departments and the Federal ­Supreme Court. Graphical information ­illustrates the descriptions, and photographs show federal government employees in various roles.

237,000 copies of “The Swiss Confederation 2014 – a brief guide” have been published in the four national languages as well as in English. The brochure can be ordered free of charge from the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics at (art. no. 104.617).