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Postal delivery of “Swiss Review” severely hampered

22.07.2020 – Marc Lettau

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on postal services, resulting in severe restrictions on mail deliveries between Switzerland and many other countries. Intercontinental postal services, such as those that connect the countries of southern Africa, have been particularly hard hit.

Consequently, readers in many parts of the world received the April print edition extremely late or not at all. Some readers are also likely to experience problems receiving this, our latest July edition. We in the “Swiss Review” editorial team, as well as our publisher, the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad, deeply regret this and hope postal services around the world return to normal for the remainder of 2020. Readers who are overseas and/or in countries with generally unreliable postal services are advised to switch to an online subscription, which is also free of charge.

If you wish to receive the online version instead of the printed edition, you can notify your Swiss representation directly. An even easier way to switch formats is to specify your preference on the FDFA website: