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Poets and bookworms

09.07.2015 – Ruth von Gunten

Solothurn’s narrow streets are packed with throngs of visitors from near and far in mid-May. The Literature Days are a meeting point for authors, avid readers, journalists, the culturally minded and politicians. They come from Switzerland and abroad. At many events, which often ran in parallel, over 70 authors presented their latest books this year. They also included guests from abroad. The audience was enthralled by German novelist Ralf Rothmann and the Icelandic author and musician Sjón. In addition to readings and discussion sessions, authors, publishers and the audience also meet very informally in the bars of the old town. Even Federal Councillor and Culture Minister Alain Berset took part in a discussion session this year – on his feet and with a beer.

The website of the Solothurn Literature Days contains brief portraits of all the authors (in several languages). Its archive can be explored and vouchers obtained for the next festival. This is an addictive site for book lovers. The festival takes place from 6 to 8 May in 2016.