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I’ve been away from Switzerland and have been domiciled abroad for the past few years and have not made contributions to the old-age and survivors’ insurance (OASI) scheme. Can I make up for these missing years by contributing when I return to Switzerland? I’ve heard that contributions can be paid retroactively for a five-year period.

It is no longer possible for those returning from abroad to make retroactive contributions for missing years.

The option of paying contributions retroactively for a five-year period exists but only for people who were subject to OASI contributions during that period, primarily due to being domiciled in Switzerland.

People living abroad are not subject to OASI contributions unless exceptional circumstances apply. They can therefore no longer contribute retroactively for the missing years.

It is advisable to contact your cantonal compensation office for more detailed information before leaving Switzerland. Making arrangements to accrue pension assets - either by taking out optional OASI with the Swiss Compensation Office in Geneva, where possible, or by taking out a private insurance policy - is also recommended.

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