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New: Customs clearance via smartphone


With QuickZoll, the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) is taking an important step towards digitisation. The smartphone app, which was launched in spring 2018, is aimed at private individuals entering Switzerland with goods intended for private use or as gifts.

Previously, travellers were required to declare their purchases abroad, holiday souvenirs or gifts for customs clearance verbally or in paper form (declaration box) when crossing the border into Switzerland. This was particularly inconvenient for those arriving by train if they did not intend to disembark at the border. Now goods can be cleared digitally, irrespective of the location and up to 48 hours before crossing the border and duties can subsequently be paid directly.

Domicile plays an important role in customs clearance. For Swiss Abroad, QuickZoll is relevant if they bring gifts for family and friends or import food, tobacco and alcohol for their own final consumption in excess of the permitted allowances (e.g. 1 litre of spirits per adult). On the other hand, personal effects, such as one’s own skiing equipment, are tax-exempt.

QuickZoll simplifies the importation into Switzerland. However, the digital processing of export certificates is not (yet) possible. VAT refunds also remain the responsibility of the country from which the goods are exported.

The smartphone app QuickZoll is one of the first results of the DaziT transformation programme, which will systematically simplify and digitise FCA services for private individuals and companies by the end of 2026.

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