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“My advice is not to worry”


Martina Boscaro’s experience of studying in Switzerland

Martina Boscaro, you are a Swiss Abroad from Italy. What made you decide to study in Switzerland?

I’ve dreamt of returning to Switzerland to study since my childhood. The sense of calm that Switzerland exudes held a magnetic appeal for me. The educational institutions are also of an incomparably high standard, in my view.

Did you settle in quickly at university?

I found it really easy to settle in at university, especially thanks to support from the professors and the welcoming family atmosphere. The fact that the University of Neuchâtel is quite small definitely helped me. I never felt lost. The first few months were tough as my French wasn’t good enough to begin with. But the language courses provided free of charge by the university enabled me to move from the B2 level required to the C1/C2 level within a few months. Sharing an apartment with young French-speaking women definitely also helped.

Are there any particular differences between Italy and Switzerland?

You notice the differences, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. I saw integrating as a challenge that inspired me. Education in Switzerland is more practically relevant than in Italy. The Swiss universities really prepare students for the challenges of the modern world of work.

You will soon receive your Master’s degree in Law. What are your plans for the future?

I’d like to remain in French-speaking Switzerland for the time being to undertake an internship before sitting the bar exam. But I wouldn’t rule out doing a doctorate or working for federal government in Berne. There are lots of options.

Martina Boscaro was awarded a grant by her canton of origin. She received support with her application from educationsuisse.

What advice would you give to young Swiss Abroad interested in studying in Switzerland?

My advice is not to worry. I came to Switzerland on my own without much money but was determined to establish myself and achieve things. The grant from my home canton of Zurich enabled me to study here. educationsuisse supported me with the grant application and handled it for me. Find out about possible sources of funding and give yourself the opportunity to do your dream course.