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Mr Light


The audience in Locarno’s Piazza Grande was enchanted, and film critics showered the film with the most lavish praise. The film is “The Light Thief” from Kyrgyzstan. The film’s hero is an electrician called, quite simply, “Svet-Ake”, or “Mr Light”, and he feels responsible for fixing everything to do with sparks and electricity, whether it be short circuits, power failures or even marriages where tensions are running high. Svet-Ake does not hesitate to help anyone in his home town. Even if it means breaking the law, such as the time when he turns back an electricity meter so that, instead of having to pay a bill, a poor family receives a payment from the electricity company. Aktan Arym Kubat, the film’s director and leading actor, depicts life in the post-Soviet Central Asian country as an often amusing adventure in spite of many hurdles. The DVD of the film is available from Trigonfilm with subtitles in German and French. Subtitles in other languages can also be downloaded via 

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