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Letters to the editor


Swiss healthcare on the brink of intensive care

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being a nurse. That dream never came true, because I realised that I would never have the time to sit by a patient’s bedside and listen to them. All I can do, therefore, is support anything that makes this wonderful profession more interesting, more human and therefore better.

Renata Neuweiler, Crete, Greece

It has long been apparent that these professionals and the work they do cannot be recognised through applause alone; more money is also needed. I will support the healthcare initiative – no ifs or buts. Otherwise, our nurses will soon be sicker than their patients.

Paolo Indiano, Germany

Placing the entire burden of caring for people onto one profession, one group of people – that is truly sick.

Verônica Böhme, Brazil

Bernard Rappaz, Winkelried of cannabis

It is great to read about personalities in our country – not billionaires, but real personalities. Wherever you are in the world, people who think differently are always penalised. But defiance is necessary for a healthy state; in any case, that’s what Machiavelli said – or maybe he’s only for our rulers to read.

Fritz Stingelin, Manila, Philippines

It’s about time! Cannabis should be legal everywhere, it’s much less harmful than alcohol and can be extremely beneficial, helping with cancer treatment, anxiety, etc. And the federal and cantonal governments can tax its sale and make tons of money! Legalising cannabis is a win-win for all involved. Conservative lawmakers who want to keep it illegal are trying to control others based on their perceptions of ‘morality’, not on any objective assessments of health or safety.

Vanessa Velez, USA

Even though I am not attracted to this plant, I find this man’s actions courageous. What perseverance! And entirely organic, well done!

Claude Rochat, France

Uetendorf, the village so far from the Swiss border

I was delighted to read the article about Uetendorf. My hometown of Rüschegg-Heubach is not far from Uetendorf, so I particularly enjoyed this article. I have often passed through Uetendorf. America has been my home since 1961, but I will never forget my home country and all the experiences I had there.

Hulda Nydegger Shurtleff, USA

Filippo Lombardi, the new president of the OSA

Dear Mr Lombardi, may I urge you to act against the increases in PostFinance charges? I have had this account since the year I turned 20, and because I have moved a few hundred kilometres away, I now have to pay 360 francs a year. That makes a big hole in my pension of 1,700 francs per month. Switzerland has become too expensive for me to live in.

Lotti Humbel, Hidegseg, Hungary

I wish that Mr Lombardi and the Federal Council would talk to the banks to get them not to raise their charges every year or otherwise close accounts. I still have bank accounts in Switzerland in case, for example, there is another coup here in Thailand and I need to leave the country and return to Switzerland. Then at least I would have some money to set myself up with and wouldn’t be dependent on the state.

Peter Zurbrügg, Phuket, Thailand

You can write this in the “Swiss Review” over and over: while only a small minority of members cast a vote, the Council of the Swiss Abroad will never truly constitute the ‘Parliament of the Fifth Switzerland’.

Sebastian Renold, Bozen, South Tyrol

It has been years since we in South Africa have been able to vote in Swiss referenda! We don’t receive the ballot papers until voting in Switzerland has already closed. We have repeatedly reported this, to no avail. We cannot understand why it would not be possible to send out the documents sooner. Of course, the best option would be electronic voting!

Kurt Stauffer, South Africa