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Letters to the editor


No Billag and a fight for survival. The Swiss media industry is undergoing a stress test

The assumption that competition and the market economy are always the best solution is a falsehood. Competition and the market economy always and everywhere favour the financially powerful, so we end up with the likes of Christoph Blocher and Silvio Berlusconi.

Klemens Graf, Germany

The “Davos” sledge – a Swiss classic. A visit to a sledge-maker

I’m 82 years old now but I sat on a “Davos” sledge for the first time at the age of two. It was the number 1 sledge!

Erwin F. Siegler, Switzerland

Switzerland’s digital transformation. The objectives of e-government

The problem is receiving voting documents by post a week after the referendum date, which is what happened to some Swiss friends and me for the referendum held on 24 September 2017. I sent an email to Switzerland requesting that the voter identification card be sent to me electronically so that I could cast my vote in time. I received a reply saying that this was not possible for legal reasons. I don’t know whether the blame lies with the Swiss authorities or the Thai postal service.

Karl Wicki, Thailand


Experience shows that ordinary mail is becoming slower and slower. People living in South Africa can tell a similar tale of voting documents failing to arrive on time. Switzerland is lagging behind by 20 years! I personally have de-registered with my communal authority for elections and referendums. I would rather give up my rights than get annoyed four times a year.

Hans Beat Schweizer, South Africa