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Letters to the editor


Immigration policy – a never-ending story

Most Europeans have nothing against the immigration of specialist workers who are required and at least accept our culture. However, they should be specialists who are genuinely needed and not economic migrants. This should not result in the importation of problems. Politicians in Brussels and Berne are unfortunately completely out of touch with reality on this issue. The whole of Europe needs a storm to clear the air, and it will come as the pendulum always swings back at some point.

Stephan Bernhard, ColOmbiA

It is time we opened our eyes to see things as they really are. Centuries of exploiting so-called developing countries has created the current situation. This must be rectified if we hope to stop mass immigration. The issue is not Islamisation but rather poverty and wealth and how it is distributed. Yet we have a blinkered outlook and believe we can preserve our “kind” by isolating ourselves. This is a short-sighted approach because if nothing changes for the world’s poor, they will continue to storm fortress Europe. These people are desperate and prepared to risk their lives on the Mediterranean and pay thousands of euros to smugglers.

Jan De Baere, GERMANY

By failing to implement the mass immigration initiative, the Swiss Parliament sold out the Swiss people and betrayed democracy. The blame lies with the Europhiles in Parliament who gleefully welcome the EU and when faced with a threat kowtow.

Jürg Schwendener, Thailand

Over a long period of history, we Swiss have built a consensus to establish a federal and democratic state that is tolerant, respects the particular traits of its people and is valued, supported and, when necessary, defended reciprocally by every section of its population as its guarantor. Immigrants who firmly believe in this consensus become Swiss in spirit regardless of where they come from. Who could have anything against that? What irritates lots of people, however, is the gravy train that many immigrants unfortunately wish to ride. They pursue a goal that is completely alien to the Swiss consensus.

Wolfgang Wittenburg, Canada

Professional drones – cutting-edge Swiss technology

While enjoying a quiet picnic in a remote area in the Swiss Alps, a very loud and obnoxious drone buzzed and hovered directly over us, just a few feet away,for 15 minutes. This intrusion was blatantly invasive and disrespectful of our privacy and solitude. We felt as if we were being spied on, and despite shouting and even throwing cow manure at it, it persisted, as if taunting us. Too bad, the invasion of personal privacy through drones is not mentioned in your article. Not everyone appreciates their obnoxious presence in our immediate vicinity.

Marina Weatherly, SWITzERLAND

2050 energy strategy – which are the right resources?

I am disappointed to observe that the discussions on clean energy for Switzerland and other countries do not mention the progress made in Cold Fusion, which is being researched and promoted by most advanced societies. It‘s better known under the abbreviation: LENR, for low energy nuclear reaction, of which the Rossi Effect has shown a COP of about 200, so efficient, that this new type of energy will in the next decade make all other methods obsolete!

Carl Cometta, USA

Swissness – the crux of the new law

This is great! And now to ensure “Swissness” completely, let us add that at least 51 percent of the board of directors in firms must be Swiss as well. You can increase your board in numbers to get to the right proportions… Hopp Schwyz,reach for the stars!

Kati Lyon-Villiger, Canada

If a Swissness law has entered into force then the name “Swiss” and the Swiss cross should be removed from the planes of the Lufthansa subsidiary. We don’t need this airline’s poor image.

Peter Küderli, Switzerland