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Hooray! We lost!


Next year Switzerland will commemorate the Battle of Marignano. It is 500 years since the confederate forces suffered a devastating defeat by the French near Marignano, which is near Milan and is today called Melegnano. Between 12,000 and 14,000 people lost their lives, most of whom were Swiss. The defeat nevertheless had a positive outcome – Switzerland has never waged a war of expansion since. Marignano is therefore commonly accepted as the moment when Swiss neutrality was born, even if this is contested by many historians.

Numerous intellectuals and artists also dispute this myth. The “Kunst und Politik” (art and politics) network therefore launched the website several months ago. Under the title “Hooray! We lost! 499 years since Marignano”, authors from all parts of the country publish articles on the battle and its consequences. The contributors include Daniel de Roulet, Alberto Nessi, Pedro Lenz and Gerhard Meister. There are reflective, defiant, enraged and amusing articles, making it a real treasure trove. Further contributions will almost certainly be added over the coming year. BE;