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Good news for print subscribers

25.05.2020 – Remo Gysin, OSA president

You won’t miss anything – the next “Swiss Review” will also be available in print.

“Swiss Review” announced at the beginning of November 2019 that, as an exception, there would be just five printed editions of the magazine in 2020, and that a sixth edition would only be published online. Now the good news for all those who read the printed version of “Swiss Review”: at a meeting on 12 March 2020, the Executive Board reviewed its original decision and concluded that this one-off omission of the printed edition will not go ahead after all. This is because “Swiss Review” ended 2019 in a much better financial position than expected back in August 2019. Sufficient funds are now available, meaning that we can continue providing our readers with what they want without any interruption.

Given that visitor traffic for the online edition is low, we remain focused on modernising the OSA’s online presence. Through the planned merger of the current, and websites, we also aim to improve our magazine’s reader-friendliness and visual appeal.

In developing our strategy for “Swiss Review”, we must be conscious of the fact that our print and online readers have increasingly diverging reading habits. However, having our own online editorial team is currently not an option – which is why I am all the more grateful to our current “Swiss Review” editorial team for their creative and dedicated work.

I hope that our readers continue to enjoy “Swiss Review” – our most important key information resource.

Voluntary subscriptions to bolster printed edition

Readers who particularly appreciate receiving the printed edition are able to support it with a voluntary subscription fee. Your support expressed in this way will help us to offer the “Review” on paper in the same quality for many years to come. The bank details for the transfer of voluntary subscriptions are as follows (please note: cheques cannot be cashed):

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Bundesplatz 8, CH-3011 Bern
Beneficiary: BEKB Bern
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Organisation of the Swiss Abroad
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