• Notes from the Federal Palace

Federal referenda


Two proposals will be put to the vote on 8 March 2015:

  • Popular initiative of 5 November 2012 “Familien stärken! Steuerfreie Kinder- und Ausbildungszulagen” (Strengthen families! Tax-free child and educational allowances)
  • Popular initiative of 17 December 2012 “Energie- statt Mehrwertsteuer” (Energy tax instead of VAT)  

All information on the proposals (voting pamphlet, committees, party statements, electronic voting, etc.) can be found at 

Other referendum dates in 2015: 14 June, 18 October (federal elections), 29 November.

You will find details, instructions, useful information and further links relating to the federal elections on 18 October 2015 at This is a joint website run by the Federal ­Chancellery, Parliamentary Services, the Federal Statistical Office and